The Hungry Artisan Recipe Book

The Hungry Artisan Recipe Book

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  • Long-Lasting Stainless Steel Design

Our food mill for applesauce is made from top-grade 201 stainless steel that’s super durable, easy to clean, and built to last; This versatile kitchen tool can also be used as a colander and vegetable steamer

  • Rotary Handle Is Very Easy To Turn

Have you ever tried to turn the handle on an older stainless steel food mill, and it was so difficult to turn that your arm felt like it was on fire? This one has an ergonomic handle with a spring-loaded lever that allows for effortless, smooth turning

  • Side Hooks Secure To Bowls & Pots

On the side of our food mills for canning, there are strategically positioned hooks or “ears” as we call them; These hooks are double welded onto the bowl and allow you to rest the steel mill on top of nearly any pot or bowl

  • Includes 3 Grinding Milling Discs

Every applesauce maker mill comes with (3) 5-inch interchangeable mill discs: Fine, Medium, and Coarse; Use these grinding disks to make tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, jellies/jams, applesauce, soups, baby food, sauces, and more

  • Won't Clog Your Pantry Or Cabinets

Measuring a very manageable 8 x 3.5 inches with a 7.5-inch handle, this steel food mill won’t take up a lot of storage space; You can tuck away all of the pieces neatly in your pantry, cabinet, or kitchen drawers with room to spare