Q. Which foods can I use the food mill?

A. The food mill works great for making fruit jellies & jams, tomato sauce, apple sauce & other sauces, purees, soups and works wonders for baby foods. It comes with an easy to use milling handle which you use to pass food through the perforated discs and quickly prepare your food within a few minutes.


Q. What are the milling disk sizes?

A. There are three milling disks: fine, medium, coarse.


Q. Does a food mill remove seeds and skin also?

A. Yes, it comes with three (3) discs having perforations of different sizes, which you can use according to the food you want to mill. For example; for small seeds, use the fine milling disk.


Q. Can I use a food mill to mash potatoes?

A. Yes, you can use the disk with larger perforations to mash potatoes effectively. Just chop potatoes and boil them. Toss them in the food mill and job done.


Q. Can I use it for blackberries?

A. Yes, you can use to process berry and turn into a delicious product like seedless blackberry jam.


Q. How can I use this mill for apple sauce?

A. It's effortless to make apple sauce as it eliminates the labor of removing seeds and peel. You have to chop the apple and steam them to pre-soften. Then scoop them into mill and process to develop smooth and excellent sauce.


Q. Does the milling handle work in both directions?

A. For best results, turn the milling handle in both directions as it helps to mash your food adequately and clear any skins or seeds from the mill.


Q. How can a food mill be the substitute for a food processor?

A. The significant advantage of using a food mill is that it does not leave skin, seeds or chunks where food processors do. Seeds and skins, if left in the food, effect the taste and texture of the food drastically.


Q. Does it rust?

A. The food mill is constructed of quality stainless steel (perfect combination of alloy elements), which bear the capacity to endure water and humidity without getting rusted for many years.



Q. Is there any pre-treatment need before I use food in the mill?

A. No, there is no pre-treatment needed to mill. However, its best practice to use pre-soften foods as they mash well. You can either steam, boil or bake your food to make it tender before using it in the mill.